Facebook adds new capabilities to its mobile app ads service

Facebook is increasing its advertising services to expand its growing mobile business.

The company said on Tuesday that now the Facebook mobile app ads will allow companies to promote their mobile apps to Facebook 1.15 billion users which will include new skills designed to increase the amount of time that consumer utilizing while using the third party app

Deb Liu, the Facebook director of monetization has revealed that from the beginning of the year more than 145 million third party apps has been installed by Facebook users. Roughly 8400 advertisers used the Facebook app ads in the second quarter.

Facebook’s mobile app will grant the users and the owner of the travel app to offer or promote their airfare, hotel room etc. as the same Music app can promote their new songs.

Previously the motto of the Facebook mobile app is to only encourage the user to install the third party app on the Smartphone or tablet but not to repeat visits to the app.

 Share on Facebook is now doubled since July due to which the company has increased its mobile advertising revenue.


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