LinkedIn Mobile Apps Get Makeover

Latest update on IOS 7 is about the LinkedIn mobile apps. The professional social network announced several latest features and updates this week.

The most noticeable changes in the iOS 7 are the design changes in LinkedIn. And other social network like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has already tweaked with a new design in the IOS 7 update. LinkedIn new design cleaner and flatter with sharp edges and light colors to highlight news, and awareness.

Since the updation of iOS7 and Latest android version, LinkedIn new reader apps got new features. The Company said: enhancements include news to update between the articles.

 Latest features which mobile app got are endorsements. In the previous viability on the web, lets the people to add or suggest or to vote up a connection skill set to his profile. LinkedIn users can both accept confirmations through android and iOS app. In the previous year social network introduced endorsements that users have doled the more than 1 billion.

Finally LinkedIn introduced a guide to bring the latest mobile app users to speed on the platform. If you didn’t use the LinkedIn app before then you will get the step wise guidance to log in and build network join groups, track companies and more.

In the August, the professional social network affirmed that iOS and Android users are not only able to search for jobs but they can apply for them from their mobile phones.

Visit the iTunes store to avail the latest version of LinkedIn mobile apps for IOS version or Google play store for the android version






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