Microsoft CRM 2013

 Microsoft had released the new CRM software which has done the few key improvements form the previous 2011 version. The Key improvement which has done is:

The User interface has done the two big changes: First is Yammer integration which results in an effective in a social network. It’s a great social addiction, but social internal collaboration will later on.

The second big changes which are in the flow control is that instead of viewing the particular records like account, contact, activity, opportunity, case, etc. The process concept shows the record history, and the history of recorded destination. The process flow is more insightful than the static record, better updated process and the information for guidance is more actionable.

Excellence Process: MS CRM software 2013 added driving workforce productivity which helps you to keep track of where you are and what is needed to be done next. 

CMR on the go: Microsoft CRM 2013 had done the enhancement with powerful tablet application and optimized mobile based CRM applications.

Enterprise collaboration: MS CRM 2013 is set to make things more social, but not as you would expect. Microsoft CRM 2013 is set to integrate with Yammer allowing people within your organization to access and share information, with the right people at the right time.


Cost Effective: Cost is the factor of any CRM software project. Model which is changed from CapEX to OpEX have made the changes in cloud delivery and subscription and TCO is not always remains lower and not always users requires the same access and privileges with CRM software. It’s depends upon the users. The most expensive user, TCO dramatically rises.





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