Microsoft releases Windows 8.1, in restart

The recent update for the window phone 8 users, which had been released last year to help the Microsoft changes from personal computers to mobile devices like tablets.


The new version brings back the Start button which was wiped out last year and prompted protests from some PC users unaccustomed to the tiled menu adapted for touch screens.


Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc said, Windows 8.1 has given assurance, that they will improve the productivity to give the better and rich customer experience.


By this holiday season customer can start updating their devices and availing the new experience in windows devices.


Windows had sold more than 100 million licenses for window 8 but that the improvement will be done after listening to customers.


Due to the slow adoption of window 8 Microsoft had forced to make few radical changes to the design of the desktop


By taking the Windows 8, Microsoft is developing the system which could be used on mobile touch screen devices with general users of Traditional PCs.


In last October, Microsoft had launched windows, with a new flagship system which will make the tremendous record of the growing mobile era. At the same time they released Surface tablet computer.








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