Facebook becomes Google advertising ally

Google had closed out the advertising network for social network, without any reasons given for the rejection or the change in the rule.

In the Internet titan’s online advertising, first time Google shares opened $1,000.

On Friday the close of the NASDAQ Google stock was priced at $1,011.41 and sustained climb in aftermarket trades.

As same the Facebook shares also hit a new all-time on Friday and share closed at $ 54.22.

Double senior product manager Payam Shodjai said in a blog spot. Partnership is the main key to Google success to lift all boats in rising.

So we are happy to announce the new technique to help our clients succeed by working with Facebook to join in FBX, their real-time bidding exchange.”

Thru internet Double click manager is the method for marketers to buy online ad space on websites.

On Friday Facebook had restricted the Google owned services to retail ad space in the world growing social network.

Shodjai said at the beginning of the few months’ clients will be to purchase inventory on FBX via Double Click Bid Manager.


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