BlackBerry Messenger relaunches for Android and iPhone after huge delay

After facing the numbers of delayed and problems in release blackberry messenger apps for iPhone and Android, blackberry said it had redesigned the app on Monday.

After the reestablishment, which ensued around 2.30 p.m. ET, blogger Al Sacco had tweeted that BBM wasn’t working.

According to the rumor Blackberry blog updated that by Monday BBM would be available in Google Play, Apple play store and in few Samsung app store at free of cost.

The user who was not pre- registered to BBM will need to install the app by entering the email address and then wait to roll out. The 6 million users can register in the account at and can start enjoying the BBM immediately without waiting in line.

Blackberry reported that they had 60 million users were on BBM over the blackberry devices only.

Blackberry in his blog said, the root of BBM to the iPhone and Android platforms was to take place in Sept. 21 but it stopped working for a few hours later due to unreleased versions of BBM for android app caused the heavy traffic volumes soar and affected the overall system.

The BBM is taking the awkward time to come on Android and iPhone further that blackberry is boosting in the social network to reach the young users over it.

Blackberry had announced it would take near off in its second economic quarter due to poor Smartphone sales basically the Z10 will kick off the 4500 workers.

By Nov 4, Fairfax financial holdings had initially deal to buy the Blackberry for $ 4.7 billion for which other bidders had taken the step ahead.

The two founders of blackberry, and seemingly PC creator Lenovo and private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management.

More information will appear on twitter by following @ BBM


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