Oracle buys sales order automation specialist BigMachines



Oracle is suspecting to differentiate its CRM (Customer relationship management) software from the competition with the attainment of big machines whose cloud based system help to maintain the sales and price records orders together.


 On Wednesday terms of the deal has not disclosed. It is expected to close by this year.

According to news big machines software will get united with the Oracle products for marketing purpose, sales, customer service and e-commerce.


According to Oracle statement, the around 275 companies including Coca-Cola, ADP and Siemens is using the Big Machine software. 


They have products for both small and large industries.


On the document it is released that the lower end product, big machine express, is built on the, but the flagship is built on the Oracle and Java.


Big machines have combined the products with SAP, Microsoft applications and

According to the FAQ document on the acquisition Oracle sustain to continue to invest with the third party sales force automation systems for development and to support the existing integration.


As per the FAQ, Oracle is purchasing the big machine to increase the sales cloud functionality more quickly, as cloud based CPQ (configure, price, quote) software was already there. Selectica and cameleon software is the bigmachine competitors.



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