What you need to know about Apple’s free apps policy

On the Tuesday media event, the company had announced that its iLife and iWork suit will be going to free for the new buyers of a new Mac or IOS device. The apps are free for the users who already installed the apps.

Here’s our guide to elucidate the apple latest price structure on its iLife and iWork apps.

How the Free with purchase works:

When apple had publicized the iOS apps would be free cost for the users, who will purchase of the new iPhone, I theorized that apple might include the notification first once you activate your new device with the free apps. If you want to free download of iWork and iLife apps on the IOS then you have to firstly entered in the Mac app store. Once you click the BUY button for those apps will be replaced with the updated app. Yet I also not confirm about it (I asked the apple about it , yet am waiting for the response)  I seems that apple connection the iWork and iLife suite with your apple id once you active the new device. Might be this way you can visit the app page, it showed up as already purchased on your account and you can download away.

Apple new life contains the three apps available on both OSX and is — IMovie, iPhoto and Garage band. On Mac if you want the iPhoto 9.5, iMovie 10.0 and Garage Band 10.0 iPhoto and movie will be available on the store of $15, while a Garage Band will have the free download of $ 5 in app purchase.

As same like the iWork suite also contains for OSX and iOS of three apps—Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The new Mac versions are Pages 5, Numbers 3, and Keynote 6, and they too needs OS X Mavericks. On the Mac, the three app’s price is $20 each and on the iPhone and iPad, their price is $10 each.




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