Free iWork upgrade angers Mac users

The free upgrade of Apple iWork has frustrated the longtime Mac power users, who had caused the complaints about the lost features of the company support forum.


One user called apple “Serial software killers” whereas others get together to list the features apple fell down in pages, the word processing application and the most widespread of the trio that makes up the iWork suite.


According to the last week upgrade: endnotes, the outline sketch view, selection of text, facing pages , able to save files in RTF format, important limits to automate the work move using an apple script and more than 100 templates ready to use.


Two relevant loop threads on the Apple support forum – here and here – together for nearly 900 comments and it was reviewed by the almost 50,000 times , and it’s been the illustration that how the update has been affected . Many of the users commented on the thread and said that is there anything cool to say about the apple’s move.


Previous Week, apple had launched the latest version of iWork for OSX and declared that three of the applications would be given free of cost to the purchasers of new Macs.


The users who had purchased previously pages, numbers or keynote will receive the free upgrades.


In 2009 apple has done the last major upgrade for OSX’s iWork.


On Sept.10 the move followed the similar declaration, when apples said they are giving the iOS iWork apps to users who purchase a latest iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Bloggers and Pundits also considered in on the move, speculating Apple’s prime aim is to make the iOS and OS X edition file- and feature- user friendly, a decision is taken to scale back the features of desktop applications’ feature sets.


Nigel Warren said, an experience designer “iWork on the mac has lost the functionality is not because apple is blind to power users. It’s because they’re expecting to do the short term sacrifice in functionality so that they can create a foundation that is equal across the Mac, iOS, and Web versions,”. But that clarification didn’t sit well with users.






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