Facebook’s Messenger app: Practical is the new sexy

On Tuesday Facebook had released the new messenger Facebook apps , Facebook is making the improvement in the Smartphone app to instantly view of friends and address book contacts.

The latest Facebook messenger app includes the dramatic improvement as the previous one and done the enhancement in the speed, features and design. The app is available to limited users of Android to begin and to gain the fascinating growing experience.

Messenger basic change is something Facebook calls mobile to mobile a quick catch phrase destined to indicate to the users using the app will be available to each other on their Smartphones.

The philosophy symbolizes that how Facebook Messenger exhibit contacts, message delivery, and notification process and to allow for text to those friends who were not already in their Facebook list.

Contact that use messenger, for example will be indicated by the little blue lightning bolt badge

Everyone else gets the Facebook sign. And if a Messenger user doesn’t enable the push notification than that user will not get the bolt sign lightning.

Lighting in the bolt sign, will indicate that users are also using the Messenger app and want to get connected with you instantly.

(Credit: Facebook)

This idea recommends that in your contact, which of the contact listed friends is more potentially want to connect you via Facebook message.

Facebook is declined to give the statement that how much improvement has been done over the old versions.

The improvements are done in functionality; Messenger now allows people Facebook message their address book contacts that are still in the pending list of social networks. The update shows that if you have a phone number, you can start pinging whether it’s on Facebook but it’s not necessary that they want to be a formal friend.

The Facebook had designed with new logo and an attractive color scheme, it is in blue – the only aim is to represent the Facebook rich app. This application is basically designed for the Android and iPhone users but immediately it’s going to be familiar with other operating system.

Altogether this update is done to make the Facebook messenger more practical and to give completion to Whatsapp, who have stolen a user of social network.

On Tuesday Facebook will release the messenger for Android for a limited audience and within the week it will update for other members “The Company Said”


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