Twitter gets more visual with photo, video previews

Now a day’s Twitter has become the tool for the Internet for posting the short text messages, but now it will be shown with multimedia content more conspicuously.

On user’s timeline streams preview of photos and videos will appear, whereas earlier people need to click on links to see them. The latest feature will now appear on the twitter’s iOS and Android apps as well as on the web version.

The changes which are implemented in done only in the photos section and for videos which is created with the Twitter Vine app, still the users need to navigate it from the outside page from third party services.

While watching users can enlarge the pictures or the videos by tapping them on mobile and clicking on them on the desktop.

Yet, to compete with bigger rivals like Instagram and Snapchat twitter have to provide the more media rich experience for users. The company said “These rich tweets can bring your followers closer to what’s happening.”  Twitter will also make the changes, to build out its advertising business.

The company said in its IPO documents, that video is the important elements of Twitter advertising business, which has generated the 85 percent of the company profits last year.  Marketers can add the incentive while advertising with twitter by posting the more video and photo content in the user feeds.

Twitter had already tied up with more than a dozen of broadcasters and media network with it’s amplify program, which posted the promotional video content in users feeds. In which few of the partners include Bloomberg TV and BBC America ( Television Network) .




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