PS4 PlayStation App to launch same day as Xbox One


A week before launching the PS4 itself, by 22 November the play station will be offered to download for the smooth arrival.

The PlayStation App will be going to reckon to the PS vita empowering software update.

The master feature of the PlayStation App’s is to change your iOS and Android device into a second screen for the PS4.

Official Sony states: PlayStation App can be downloaded onto numerous mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android based Smartphones and tablets, from the App Store.

After installing the device user can easily achieve the PSN features like friend list and trophies and as well as the device can be utilized it as second screens in supporting PlayStation 3 titles.

Once your friends begin to upload the video gameplay or live streaming content, the app will launch a browser to avail you to watch the clips where you can post comments or take screenshots and footage.

The users will able to exchange the message between PS4, PS3, PS Vita and mobile platforms along with it you can view your friend activities which is new.

The official app will invite you to play games, get new alerts and as well as to browse the PlayStation website for news, games news and blog posts.

Purchasing can be done through the PlayStation store for game content using the app and it will be Itself downloaded on the PS4.





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