School students to design mobile applications

In India now, the school students will design the mobile application for the social cause and it will be age group of 10 to 13 years.

All over the India Global discovery Academy (GDA) a chain of k12 schools is organizing the competition to design the Android mobile app.

K12 is a title for the total of primary and secondary education.

GDA the chief product officer Vipul Reddy said on Thursday “The students who will participate needs to solve the problem of problems which has been created in their given area for the social concern like education, health, poverty, foods and civic facility.”

GDA will provide the essential training on mobile phone programming where the students need to form the team of two to three members in a group.

“Reddy added in his statement each participant will provide the sketch of the Social cause it is being designed for. It will address the app’s functionality, its end user engagement and design. In New Delhi finalist will be going to present the app idea and prototype.

Registration for the competition is free of cost and last date of the registration is September 1  


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