Samsung updates mobile, TV, and gaming SDKs to attract more developers

Like the other devices builder, Samsung relies on Google Android Os to power its smartphone and tablets.  Samsung is seeking to set itself apart with vendor specialized capabilities ranging from pen functionality to enterprise security, stimulating the company to develop its own software development resource over the last couple years. 

 The First conference held in San Francisco this week for the Samsung developer, the company discloses the few SDK updates for those branded features currently offered for the Android on Samsung devices and for iOS applications on top is the Chaton (Instant messaging service) or Smart TV remote control app.


Samsung SDKs updating the various things like the Updated Chaton SDK services for the Instant messaging service, an enhancement in Chord SDK for one touch delivery and pairing of devices, the new Knox devices for mobile security and management. 


Samsung is also reaching on highest notch in the entertainment gear, Samsung has updated its Smart TV SDK for developed applications for its internet connected Smart TV line and its multiscreen gaming SDK which can be played on the Big screen TV via Samsung tablet and Smartphone. All but Smart TV SDK use android, the smart SDK depends upon Linux. 


Keithen Hayenga engineer at Marmalade, game developer said “They want to beguile the developer that if you use those APIs, which you are running on Samsung then you were not on other things,”

If Successful, Samsung would fix the developers for its devices. Samsung is the leading Android Smartphone builder and the top Smartphone manufacturer overall.

Andrew cook said a senior software engineer for vision service plan “By announcing their own SDKs and APIs, they are trying provides the whole experience much like the apple tries to do with its ecosystem.

The IDC Analyst AI Hilwa states while working on the user and business organization “Samsung is twisting its developer muscles”

While encouraging the Android at the moment, Samsung states in the conference for its latest development for its open source Tizen OS, in which is shaking the hand with Intel.  Tizen boosting internet interfaces and supports HTML5. But yet the company had to announce a roadmap for Tizen rollouts.







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