Google launches new commerce platform, ‘Helpouts’


SAN FRANCISCO: Recently Google has released its new online service “Helpouts” directing to connect the users and businesses to solve issues or get the advice on a range of subjects.

This service is same like the Google Hangouts with live videos for paid service in areas ranging from weight loss to computer related supports.

Google’s Udi Manber has announced the new service in the blog post Help in computer glitches, a leaky pipes or any homework problem was as easy as clicking a button ?

Manber states few of the services are “how to repair garage door, or how to remove a computer virus or if needed the guidance for completing a project like building a floor.”

But he said that “It’s just the beginning “We are starting with the few categories.”

The category which is officially announced includes art and music, personal computers, cooking, teaching and occupations, fashion and beauty, fitness and food, health, home and garden.

The helpouts cost is from USD 240 to more. Few categories includes chemistry tutoring and homework, knowledge how to play guitar, yoga guidance, French language tutor, fixing computer problems or refrigerator repair.

Manber pronounced “Helpouts you can take the help on the basis of their qualifications, their availability, their costs, their rating and reviews”.




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