Amazon to team with independent booksellers on Kindles

SAN FRANCISCO: On Wednesday Amazon has launched about his plan to operate with independent booksellers and other retailers on sales of its kindle tablets, offering the share of e book revenues for wholesalers.

The schedule called Amazon Source allows the retailers to gain a profit on Kindle sales and offering the option of getting 10 percent of the profit on Kindle books purchased on devices sold by the store for the first two years once the customer buys a device.
Russ Grandinetti “The vice president of Amazon kindle “said we anticipate that retailers, small or large, offline or online should be endeavoring to offer consumers what they want – and many consumers want to read both digital and print books.
According to Amazon source, many years bookstores have productively sold the print books on amazon due to which amazon increases this prospect to digital. Now the consumer doesn’t need to select or choose between e books and their favorite neighborhood bookstore — they can have both.”

In 2012 this program is based on one launched with the British retailer Waterstones.

Many of the stores have accused the movement team brick and mortar merchants with Amazon to throw out the stores out of business.

Amazon announces that the first order from retailer would be “tension free “because it would purchase back the stock for up to six months.


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