Microsoft makes Internet Explorer 11 browser work for Windows 7

For Windows7 Microsoft has officially announced the final version of internet explorer 11. The latest Iteration of its evergreen web browser firm main focus is on the performance; they had assured that it will be improve by 10 percent.

There is the small difference between the Internet explorer11 and its immediate ancestor for windows 7 users- none of the functionality you will find in the window 8.1 statement has found its way in this form.

All the major changes in the internet explorer11 for window 7 are under the cover, by focusing to improve the performance as from EI10. In the EI11 improvement like faster page loading , improvement in JavaScript performance to reduce the use of CPU and get better battery life for laptop and netbooks running windows 7.

Thanks for updating the Chakra JIT compiler, due to which 9 percent of the improvement is done in the JavaScript which supports more optimizations than its predecessor. As previously page loading is made through the pre-fetching the first link found on the web page , so its downloaded and start to go  in the background should the user immediately click on it.

EI11 has reduced the usage of CPU which promises to done the improvement in WebGL graphics performance as EI11 offloads the work to the GPU, which helps to reduce the power consumption.

Conformation with web standards—including HTML5 and ECMAScript 6 – has also been reorganized with security and confidentiality updates.

Developers have developed the latest and redesigned F12 tools; include UI responsiveness and memory profiling and JavaScript debugging.

If the user wishes to do the test drive to judge or experience the advancements in the performance and standard reports can do through by visiting the IE test drive website.

Internet Explorer11 for window is free to download and soon in the upcoming weeks it is going to be rolled out in the windows 8.1.


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