Microsoft rushes out fix to prevent attacks on Office PCs

Microsoft rushes out fix to prevent attacks on Office PCs

On Tuesday Microsoft has released the emergency software once they got the news that hackers previously exploited the undiscovered security error in its widely used office software to taint the PCs of its users with tainted Word documents. 

The Software creator announced on its website that they had released the software know as a “Fix it “as a temporary update that it automatically cover computers to protect against the new risk.

Microsoft said notice that the number of attacks mainly exposure discovered in the Middle East and south Asia. The company is not able to recognize the victims, who received emails messages them to open the tainted word documents.

The users those using the Office 2003 and 2007 as well as the running office 2010 on windows XP and server 2003 can get exposure effects.

A fresh new start

Microsoft has publicized a fix for the exploit

 The attacks took benefit of an undiscovered fault, or “Zero Days” exposure in industry parlance, which is basically used on the limited number of high value targets in a bid to keep the flaws secrecy.

 When the developer developed the widely used software program issue a warning about a Zero day bug, the team of hackers hurry to reverse engineer the fix it so that they can create computer virus that can exploit the same vulnerabilities.

Businesses using vulnerable versions of office must install the fix to get rid of from the assaults. I accept that something is needed to be done to get repaired, Stuart McClure, chief executive officer of the firm Cylance Inc (Cyber city).

Software for security purpose must be manually downloaded and installed on PCs. This is designed to protect the user’s PC while Microsoft prepares official updates, spontaneously delivered via the Internet to be installed on PCs.




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