Samsung reportedly rolling out Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S3

Here’s the latest news for the Galaxy S3 users. According to Samsung mobile, Samsung had updated its Android for the Galaxy S3. Previously the company had neglected the update for Android in S3 devices. They have done the few tests for Android 4.2 but never released them and however the work for the development of android 4.2 is being stopped. Now the 4.3 update for S3 will first flatten in Ireland (Vodafone), than in other countries and carriers. 

This change will be in both OTA (over the air) and also through company Kies software. It will also fetch Galaxy gear back up for the device. This means, Galaxy S3 will now intersect Samsung Galaxy note 3, Sam Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy S4, to support the Samsung wearable device.

Super slimy looking projectile

The Update of Android 4.3 is on the way…..

The Samsung 4.3 Android update has done the keen changes like brand new Samsung keyboard, GPU drivers will be updated, Lock screen with multiple widgets, enhanced ripple effect, latest Screen faces, regenerate UI settings, core UI elements and etc….

This Sam update has added new apps like as calculator, contacts, photos gallery and songs apps. The apps will be available to work in full screen mode, and this update will also bring the revamped S-Voice.

In the upcoming months Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 will also get the update for Android 4.3 


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