Apple eyes Rs 1,000 crore from iPhone 5S sales in India in Q3

In India to make the IPhone 5s the most booming Smartphone announced in the country, Apple has targeted to cross the sales of 1000 crore. The company chief aim is to double the sales of the iPhone 5 in the year and to reckon Apple by gaining the second largest Smartphone vendor in India by value after Samsung.

 The currently the handset cost of Smartphone in India is about 16 GB is for Rs. 53500, 32 GB is for Rs. 62,500 and 64 GB is for the Rs 71,500, Apple wishes the 6 lakh users to come up with the new model.

Apple With merchants like Redington, Ingram Micro , partner reliance communication BSE and Bharti Airtel BSE , Apple has announced it’s the largest advertising campaign ever in India , at an estimated cost around 25 crore for the iPhone 5s and 5c.

In India, according to three senior executive at Apple trade, till the November 1 after the launch the apple has decided to meet the target by selling the 2 lakh new phones and has sought the fresh supplies of the 5s. One of the cited said, Apple knows that the iPhone 5s has become the instant hit.

The cost of iPhone 5c, with the plastic body price for 16GB model is 41,900 and Rs 53,500 for the 32GB one. The California based company wants to grow the market share in India, by targeting to achieve the world biggest market for mobile phones after china, which is neglecting about a year ago when they started trying to push the phone with installments and other programmed.





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