Google wishes happy holidays with Boxing Day doodle

On the Google home page, the happy holiday theme has inspired yet another doodle, making it the third day doodle on the subject. The doodle on Christmas day and Christmas Eve, as in Thursday Google doodle is simple, instead we have seen attractive is the recent days.

The latest Google doodle, which shows an isolated house enclosed by snow, with a star-lit-sky forming the backdrop, features as a message form the company once the user take the cursor over it, saying “Tis the season” The doodle first seen in the early Christmas morning for regions near the international dateline, such as New Zealand. It is now predictable in India as well as at the web page.

Once user take over the cursor on the image and click it, they get redirected to Google search page, where the Happy Holidays results being shown. The result page does not pretend the clear info about news results followed by images and videos and a relatively extraneous Wikipedia entry for the song, Happy Holiday” written by Irving Berlin on 1941.

Google Christmas doodle seems an unidentifiable city enclosed in festive occasion with building lit up and a Christmas tree marking the occasion.

Google Christmas eve doodle entailed with a plain image represent two people riding a horse-driven sled in a bleak winter landscape.

As like the previous year there are so many complaints about Google not being sufficiently ‘Christmasy” with its doodles and Once again the Google is wishing the Happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas diplomatically conveying the good wishes to those region or users that aren’t celebrating the christen festival.

The merry Christmas and happy holidays debate is settled in hurry, we suggest you enjoy the time off with family and friends, regardless of the name it carries.



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