BlackBerry increases Android app support

On its Latest Smartphones Blackberry is making the easier to run the android applications.

The latest upgrade in 2014 which is done by the developer is that they had reduced the amount of work to acquire an Android app on the Blackberry 10 operating system and will pass few android app to run directly without any changes.

Since the Blackberry 10 is launched the android had a level of compatibility with the real time operating system called QNX.  The phone supporting the android app to run but yet all the features is not supportable.

In the early November, the latest version 10.2.1 and 4.2.2 android jellybean, Bluetooth, maps through open street Map, Sharing of content with other applications in the phone and spell checker.

As far as in the run time Android features supported in the Blackberry Android, the app needs minimal repackaging to run on BlackBerry smartphones.

By the next year, Blackberry will announced to update the software that support to run “apk” Android packages in phone, with no repackaging , and rest features will be also supportable. This will make the easier for the companies to offer Android applications to blackberry users.

The company proclaimed on a website this event is organized to help you understand how the blackberry for android apps 10.2.1 released supports the development efforts and helps you enjoy app in front of blackberry users faster.

The company’s has attracted 130,000 apps to its Blackberry 10 platform but fail to grab the attention of many users.

In the third quarter of 2013 globally Blackberry had the 2.8 percent of the smartphone share in the market according to data from IDC. That places it behind Windows Mobile at 3.1 percent,  16.6 percent apple iOS and Android at 69.2 percent.


Google pushes Android KitKat to Nexus tablets

Google has launched the Android 4.4 Kitkat to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. The operating system is currently available to the WIFI only in the US models, rest it will be available to the other models and locations soon.

According to Google, the biggest changes which are fixed in the Android 4.4 code is streamlined code. Google has removed the complication in the operating system which can be utilized in a broader range of hardware. The company said the size of the device is little 512 MB of RAM will be able to run the KITKAT. Google wishes KITKAT to run better on entry level devices.

 The Nexus tablets will support the new operating system smoothly. The nexus 7 has an S4 pro processor with the 2 GB of RAM, 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon whereas the Nexus 10 has a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual processor with 2 GB of RAM. They have the more than enough juice to get Kitkat following:

Most of the other improvements are under the cover and meant for developers. They will be able to add the various functions of printing to their app and the benefits of latest animations, graphics acceleration, API, screen recording and bezel to bezel apps. Kitkat supports the Bluetooth profiles and bakes in support for IR blasters to control the home theater equipment.  The KitKat SDK is already available for download.

There are various enhancements in the OS which includes better notifications, revised launcher, upgraded phone dialer, wide search area and baked in support for Google across the platform. There is the number changes made to the home screen and the main app menu. For example customize home page screen panels make then bit easier to use. Google also made the changes in the icons to make it more user- friendly.

Nexus will update with the new operating system. By the upcoming week’s google play edition mobile devices will be updated with the Android 4.4 Kitkat will get updated on the Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, and in HTC one . The Kitkat is preinstalled on the Nexus 5Smartphones.

One of the main benefits of getting the Nexus brand is to get updated with the latest system of Google.  This is a prime example of that benefit at work.



Apple eyes Rs 1,000 crore from iPhone 5S sales in India in Q3

In India to make the IPhone 5s the most booming Smartphone announced in the country, Apple has targeted to cross the sales of 1000 crore. The company chief aim is to double the sales of the iPhone 5 in the year and to reckon Apple by gaining the second largest Smartphone vendor in India by value after Samsung.

 The currently the handset cost of Smartphone in India is about 16 GB is for Rs. 53500, 32 GB is for Rs. 62,500 and 64 GB is for the Rs 71,500, Apple wishes the 6 lakh users to come up with the new model.

Apple With merchants like Redington, Ingram Micro , partner reliance communication BSE and Bharti Airtel BSE , Apple has announced it’s the largest advertising campaign ever in India , at an estimated cost around 25 crore for the iPhone 5s and 5c.

In India, according to three senior executive at Apple trade, till the November 1 after the launch the apple has decided to meet the target by selling the 2 lakh new phones and has sought the fresh supplies of the 5s. One of the cited said, Apple knows that the iPhone 5s has become the instant hit.

The cost of iPhone 5c, with the plastic body price for 16GB model is 41,900 and Rs 53,500 for the 32GB one. The California based company wants to grow the market share in India, by targeting to achieve the world biggest market for mobile phones after china, which is neglecting about a year ago when they started trying to push the phone with installments and other programmed.




Dolphin Jetpack for Android 5.0 Now Available for Download

Recently Dolphin Browser has announced the key release of dolphin Jetpack which is available to download via the Google Play Store. The users who already have the browser on their devices will get the automatic update notifications.

Dolphin Jetpack5.0 includes lots of bugs which are needed to be fixed in the previous versions of the applications. For example, developers have affirmed that the update fix for compatibility issue for Android kitKat.

In addition, there’s no constraint while playing the Flash video in full screen. Page loading in the low network will be added as well.

The few bugs which are fixed along with it:

– Fixed bugs related to Arabic and Japanese version;

– Fixed stoppage issue while opening a new tab;

Dolphin Browser has done the lots of improvements as per the constancy, as well as quicker switching of pages when going back or forward in the previous major update.

Now you can download free Dolphin Jetpack for Android 5.0 via Soft-Pedia. The browser is fully compatible for  all the devices of Android 2.3 and more.



Microsoft rushes out fix to prevent attacks on Office PCs

Microsoft rushes out fix to prevent attacks on Office PCs

On Tuesday Microsoft has released the emergency software once they got the news that hackers previously exploited the undiscovered security error in its widely used office software to taint the PCs of its users with tainted Word documents. 

The Software creator announced on its website that they had released the software know as a “Fix it “as a temporary update that it automatically cover computers to protect against the new risk.

Microsoft said notice that the number of attacks mainly exposure discovered in the Middle East and south Asia. The company is not able to recognize the victims, who received emails messages them to open the tainted word documents.

The users those using the Office 2003 and 2007 as well as the running office 2010 on windows XP and server 2003 can get exposure effects.

A fresh new start

Microsoft has publicized a fix for the exploit

 The attacks took benefit of an undiscovered fault, or “Zero Days” exposure in industry parlance, which is basically used on the limited number of high value targets in a bid to keep the flaws secrecy.

 When the developer developed the widely used software program issue a warning about a Zero day bug, the team of hackers hurry to reverse engineer the fix it so that they can create computer virus that can exploit the same vulnerabilities.

Businesses using vulnerable versions of office must install the fix to get rid of from the assaults. I accept that something is needed to be done to get repaired, Stuart McClure, chief executive officer of the firm Cylance Inc (Cyber city).

Software for security purpose must be manually downloaded and installed on PCs. This is designed to protect the user’s PC while Microsoft prepares official updates, spontaneously delivered via the Internet to be installed on PCs.



Samsung reportedly rolling out Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S3

Here’s the latest news for the Galaxy S3 users. According to Samsung mobile, Samsung had updated its Android for the Galaxy S3. Previously the company had neglected the update for Android in S3 devices. They have done the few tests for Android 4.2 but never released them and however the work for the development of android 4.2 is being stopped. Now the 4.3 update for S3 will first flatten in Ireland (Vodafone), than in other countries and carriers. 

This change will be in both OTA (over the air) and also through company Kies software. It will also fetch Galaxy gear back up for the device. This means, Galaxy S3 will now intersect Samsung Galaxy note 3, Sam Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy S4, to support the Samsung wearable device.

Super slimy looking projectile

The Update of Android 4.3 is on the way…..

The Samsung 4.3 Android update has done the keen changes like brand new Samsung keyboard, GPU drivers will be updated, Lock screen with multiple widgets, enhanced ripple effect, latest Screen faces, regenerate UI settings, core UI elements and etc….

This Sam update has added new apps like as calculator, contacts, photos gallery and songs apps. The apps will be available to work in full screen mode, and this update will also bring the revamped S-Voice.

In the upcoming months Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 will also get the update for Android 4.3 

Microsoft makes Internet Explorer 11 browser work for Windows 7

For Windows7 Microsoft has officially announced the final version of internet explorer 11. The latest Iteration of its evergreen web browser firm main focus is on the performance; they had assured that it will be improve by 10 percent.

There is the small difference between the Internet explorer11 and its immediate ancestor for windows 7 users- none of the functionality you will find in the window 8.1 statement has found its way in this form.

All the major changes in the internet explorer11 for window 7 are under the cover, by focusing to improve the performance as from EI10. In the EI11 improvement like faster page loading , improvement in JavaScript performance to reduce the use of CPU and get better battery life for laptop and netbooks running windows 7.

Thanks for updating the Chakra JIT compiler, due to which 9 percent of the improvement is done in the JavaScript which supports more optimizations than its predecessor. As previously page loading is made through the pre-fetching the first link found on the web page , so its downloaded and start to go  in the background should the user immediately click on it.

EI11 has reduced the usage of CPU which promises to done the improvement in WebGL graphics performance as EI11 offloads the work to the GPU, which helps to reduce the power consumption.

Conformation with web standards—including HTML5 and ECMAScript 6 – has also been reorganized with security and confidentiality updates.

Developers have developed the latest and redesigned F12 tools; include UI responsiveness and memory profiling and JavaScript debugging.

If the user wishes to do the test drive to judge or experience the advancements in the performance and standard reports can do through by visiting the IE test drive website.

Internet Explorer11 for window is free to download and soon in the upcoming weeks it is going to be rolled out in the windows 8.1.