Windows 8.1 ate my mouse

The Microsoft the king of the Software creation has claimed that the latest version of windows has three problems which could spoil a gamer’s afternoon.

The mouse problem is occurring while updating the windows 8.1, including that cardinal sin of video games, a pause in picture speed.

They are looking towards this issue to sort out the problems asap, but yet they didn’t have any idea how long it is going to take to fix this issue, Vole said.

Microsoft forum moderator had posted on a volish community forum that the problem is a little Complicated than it first appeared.

The mouse pause problem is occurring in the various things while playing the games and input methods used. He listed out the few of the problems in which help is needed.

The first is a bad case of mouse get stuck – the mouse stuck as you move it through a game. Microsoft states that this is because windows 8.1 handle the games checks for the mouse move differently. Then there is the small problem of mouse movement not being to scale after speed is turned off,

At the end once the mouse polling rate is measured has a lower frequency rate than expected. This is because of the dissatisfaction in between the parties and a lack of possible alternative.

Microsoft recommends disabling DPI scaling at least until it comes up with a fix.





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